Sunday, February 06, 2005

Orient Beach - the Island Attraction

Orient Beach or Baie Orientale is a hot destination for many visitors. See photos! Certainly, it is a great beach, but it has something else for many visitors. Some are attracted by the liberal life style. You see topless women sunbathing, or, you may even see some people entirely nude. The naturists are mainly at or close to the Club Orient location, but they may also stroll up and down the beach.

View from a bar to a bikini sales stand on Orient Beach

From a French perspective, naturists have become mainstream, and are a very common appearance at all beaches on French territory. Looking from an US perspective, many consider the nudity at Orient Beach as linked to the "life style", which relates to the sexually liberated movement of swinging for some of those visitors.
Whatever the driving force for visitors might be, it is a beautiful Caribbean beach with a great versatility of visitors, families, singles, local people, curious cruise ship tourists, and many just fun loving couples, who don't care about clothes on or off, and all the exasperation about it.

Orient Beach has so much to offer, tempting waters, thrilling bars and restaurants, challenging sport opportunities, and sun, sun, sun, ... More, see here!