Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The last* "Best" Hit List for Beaches

Most first time visitors have these "What are the best ..." questions on their lips. And the
beaches are certainly the most requested hit list items. Then let's go:

Best Beach for a Lunch on the Beach: Friars Bay
You sit right on the beach under a palm branch covered, sun protecting table, and the sea is less than 15 ft away. The restaurant has great food, has style (not just a snack bar), and the
beach is great. Good mix of folks from local to tourist. Bad: the two access roads are a mess!

Best Beach for People Watching: Orient Bay
By far not as nude as its reputation, this
place has something to see for everybody, old, young, stylish, sloppy, ..., and it's always nice to guess, who are the day time cruise ship visitors, and who are the "inside" people.

Best Beach for a romantic Dinner: Grand Case
Drop in any of those great French dining places lined up at the Grand Case Beach. Just smashing, when the lights reflect on the water, and very little waves create the surf sound. A good and moderately priced place with good Ocean front seating is
The California.

Best Beach for Crazy People: Maho Beach
Maho Beach right under the runway approach is a unique experience. Fantastic and crazy!
Unfortunately, at this point in time not much sand is left. Watch the jets approaching, roaring over this sand strip, sand blasting people, and have your beer at Sunset Beach bar. When you are an airplane freak, you are certainly attracted to the loudspeakers listening to the pilots and tower during approach. Best time of the day is around 3:00pm - 4:00 pm, when the B747 and the Airbus 340 arrive.

Best Beach for Quiet Times: Guana Bay

For some unknown reasons not as popular as the other beaches, may be because there is hardly any bar or restaurant. Nevertheless, great sand, sometimes more waves than at other beaches on the opposite side, worthwhile a visit before others find out, too! Find out more!

Best Beach for Kids: Gallion Beach

The water is flat, just 2 - 4 feet deep for some distance from the beach. Some shadow under the trees, sand, ... and the adults can do their windsurfing class, or even kite surfing. Slight disadvantage is the poor access road.

Best Beach to Rent a Villa: Baie Rouge

There are great properties for rent, right at the beach, just a few steps from your entrance door or the infinity pool. It is a very private area. The entire community is gated and somewhat shielded to the outside. Great place for privacy.

Did I forget to mention? There are 30 other beaches with great sand, snorkeling, swimming, watching, ... just explore!

* 'last' for my blogs in 2005