Sunday, February 26, 2006

Great Trips at low Cost

What are the best island trips? Although impossible to answer right for everybody, here a few ideas, which represent a good value, and do not cost you a fortune.

  • Drive to Cul de Sac on the French side at the Northern end of the island and take the ferry boat to Pinel Island. This is genuine 'Caribbean', great beach, best way to relax. There are a few small restaurants and bars. Some serve drinks in the water on floating trays! No credit cards. $6.00/person and trip.

  • Take the passenger ferry Voyager from Oyster Pond on Sunday or Wednesday to St. Barth. It starts at 9:00am and returns at 6:30pm. The return trip is approx. $75.00/person. The comfortable ride is 1 hour each direction. Great views to both islands. You need a passport to go. No departure tax as it is charged on the Dutch side. You go from France to France! You land in Gustavia, the picturesque port town of St. Barth. Contrary to common opinion, St. Barth has not only high priced food and drinks to offer. It all depends, where you go to. Our recommendation: Cocoloba Beach!
  • Go on a half day cruise, a so called shore trip, with Captain Morgan. Great time, and the rate is around $85/person. They offer excellent service, great trip, and include many goodies!
  • Still too expensive? Go local! Wave one of the passenger vans, also called jitneys, to stop, board, and just go to the very end of its route. Locals going or coming from work share the ride with you. Typical rate per trip is $1 or $2. Go from Philipsburg towards French Quarter, change the bus, proceed to Grand Case, and Marigot, you may have to change again, and return from Marigot to Philipsburg, or any other direction and destination. This recommendation is for the more adventurous visitor!

In case, you are searching for great accommodation values, start here!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Why do tourists become careless?

Tourists robbed, burglaries, pocket thieves, yes, we have all of these ugly experiences. But why are some tourists so careless? Visitors drove up to Pic Paradis, the highest peak on the island, parked their car, left everything inside including $10,000 !!! And some thieves burglared the car. Terrible!
Would you park your car with all these valuables at NY's Central Park, or in Paris, or in Amsterdam ...? Most people wouldn't, but why do they forget about all the security basics, when being here? And these people had been here 20 times before! Difficult to believe, how somebody can neglect or disregard all warnings!

We know of people, who leave their credit cards inside the car, we saw suitcases on backseats of cars being parked for hours, saw handbags on beaches with nobody close by, travel bags sitting unattended in front of hotels, and there are people, who have much less, who decided to go the easy way of committing crimes, and they take the opportunity. Dear visitors, don't create opportunities, nowhere, the world is not perfect, and certainly this island is a melting pot with a share of criminals lurking for these opportunities. More about the island,
here, and here!